Testing Haskell with Hspec

Build a minimal Haskell program by using tests. We will be looking at Hspec, and building our own version of the zip function.

2014, A skillset wishlist.

These are the areas I would like to focus on in 2014

Control Spotify from the command line

This basic python script allows you to send instructions to spotify to skip tracks.

Map a key to a function ZSH and Oh My ZSH

To bind a function to a key combination, you need to create a widget for it and map it with bindkey. In this example I will use Control e to execute ls -al, and print the current working directory.

Add a shortcut in vim for committing changes in a mercurial repository

I made a quick screen cast to demonstrate how to bind a key to adding, and commiting files from within vim.

Dbext VIM plugin - Execute mysql commands without leaving vim - cheatsheet

I recently found the Dbext plugin by Peter Bagyinszki, which eliminates the need for me to have to type out manual mysql queries on the command line and keeps you in vim.

Benchmarking with apache2-utils

Benchmark your website.

Mysql command line automatic login

When connecting to mysql on a few different hosts it can save you time, by saving your mysql details in a file that will be used for login.

Add git colours to your .gitconfig

Add colours to your git statements

Check your ip linux

Check your public IP with lynx

VIM cheatsheet

Just some useful VIM commands that I log as I discover them.

vim plugin - yankring

Yankring is a great plugin. You can access it quickly by mapping it to a key.

my most used mutt commands

Mutt is a great email client. It is actually a very small program that outsources most of the work to programs that specialise in it. I have logged some of my most used commands.

Basic github commands

Add github user details to an existing repository.

Mysql cheatsheet

Some handy mysql commands.

Favorite linux commands

Some linux commands that I use daily.

Get html with curl into vim buffer

get remote contents straight into a vim buffer with curl.

Fix html indentation with vim

Format html with vim.

Vim word frequency

Check the frequency of a word

Use less as pager for mysql

Use a different pager in mysql

Mutt transparent background issues with gnome terminal

Here is how to solve it, and have a transparent background in Mutt.