my most used mutt commands

My mostly used Mutt commands

	j – down
	k -  up
	* – go to last message
		--for easier reach, remapped in .muttrc with: bind index J    last-entry
= – go to first message 5 – go to message with index of number 5 <return> display message <space> page down within message <tab> – jump to next new message @ – show authors full email address ~cool a - Add to addresbook ~supacool r – reply to message f – forward message w – set status flag l – show messages matching a pattern F – mark as important m – new message N – Toggle new status v – view attachemnts mode q – exit <c-g> – cancel current operation d – mark message for deletion u – undelete message C – copy message to another folder c – change directory o – reverse sort order t – toggle tag on message T – tag messages with matching pattern (<c-t>) untag / – search forward <alt-/> – search backwards Limiting l ~d 21/1/99-25/2 -All messages with date between 21 Jan 1999 and 25 Feb 1999 l ~d<1d – Messages within last day l ~d 15/1/2001*2w – All messages plus minus two weeks old from 15 Jan 2001 Quick Mutt emails mutt -s “testmail” -a ‘/home/korpz/.mutt/aliases’ < ‘test body content’ ~You know you need this Quick limit ~d 15/1/2011 ~f johnLimit messages to a specific date, and from

June 16, 2011