Map a key to a function ZSH and Oh My ZSH

To bind a function to a key combination, you need to create a widget for it and map it with bindkey.

In this example I will use Control e to execute ls -al, and print the current working directory.
You could use whatever function you wanted.

In your custom directory in your oh-my-zsh setup (usually ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/), create a script. I called this one list_widget.zsh.


create the file and add the following code to it. The echo is just to create a new line for reset prompt.

	ls_wrap () {
		ls -al

		zle reset-prompt

	zle -N ls_wrap

	bindkey "^e" ls_wrap

Reload ZSH and by pressing Control e, it will execute ls -al.

February 2, 2013